Visa Counsellor

Full Time
Hyderabad, India
Posted 3 years ago

Job title : Sr Manager – Visa Immigration

•         Location : Hyderabad

•         Duration : Part Time

•         telephonic followed by in person interview

Job Description

·       Advising potential students on education opportunities in abroad.

·       Advising students on application procedures, visa applications, applying for accommodation and preparing Students for their studies in abroad.

·       Single point of contact for Counselling, Visa processing, Visa endorsement and getting the work done from Universities of different countries.

·       Coordinating the Branding and Marketing activities to promote foreign education institutions represented by the Company.

·       Ensure that the Branch’s monthly revenue targets in all business segments for all countries are met through direct control of the relationship staff for the walk-ins to the branch.

·       Responsible for conducting seminars in Colleges or Universities in India.

·       Streamlining business operations with partner universities of countries like USA, Canada, Aus, NZ, UK, France and Cyprus.

·       Maintaining accurate ledger and computer records of students counselled and applications sent to abroad.

·       Undertaking project work as decided by the Director of the Company.

·       Training Counsellors on latest developments of visa rules and regulations.

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